Namrata Joshi


I am Namrata Joshi, a Google Certified Data Analyst with a background in healthcare and over 10 years of experience working as a Physical Therapist across various healthcare settings. My passion for problem-solving and helping clients achieve their goals led me to pursue a career in physical therapy and, later, data analytics.

I enjoy working with healthcare data and have been working on freelancing projects applying my analytical and technical skills to solve business problems.

I am excited to work with organizations that embrace evidence-based, data-driven decision-making to improve outcomes.

I am open to full-time opportunities.

What I do


Coming from a background in healthcare, I have expertise in collecting complex healthcare data with effective questionnaire design. I have experience in data organization and protection using different EMR software tools like Point Click Care, Casamba and Rehab Optima.

Clean and Analyze

As a Google Certified Data Analyst, I have an understanding and practical experience using technical skills to clean and analyze data to effectively find meaningful patterns. My freelancing project work and case studies have honed my knowledge in the constructive use of Excel, SQL and R programming tools to find answers to business problems.

Visualize and Present

Adding my experience in designing rehabilitation plans and healthcare brochures using effective visuals to designing dashboards in Tableau and Excel, I can provide support in creating visualizations to communicate insights. I have experience organizing training workshops for clients and team members using PowerPoint presentations to clearly educate and present my recommendations.